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Iliv is an exclusive full service kitchen remodeling and new construction agency dedicated to creating environments that promote warmth in an exquisite and luxurious setting.

We value the awakening of the five senses while creating a space where friends, family, and even strangers feel at home. We understand that preparing dishes is definitely not the primary purpose for kitchens and homes are not only used as dwellings.

Today, they are considered the platform for an iconic lifestyle. ILIV is currently determined to introduce and create a new era of design and execution of lavish comfort.

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We thrive at conceptualizing modern spaces for a legendary way of life with a minimalistic and edgy flare. Considered the heart of the home, our kitchens and other room renovations promote an experiential gathering like no other. We understand that no detail should be overlooked. Our approach combines logistical precision with an unmatched client experience. ILIV recognizes the value that a well executed kitchen design brings to each family; which is why our way of remodeling is worth the investment of a lifetime.

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Come and appreciate our scope of design styles, get inspired by our wide variety of endless possibilities for your home, and narrow down your selections.